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Our Signature Solution Includes:
Signature Process
Signature Service
System Integration
Core Values

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– Our Signature Solution is much more than just writing code
– It is more than just developing a system
– We work with you end-to-end to ensure overall success

We start with an all-star cast of degreed engineers, all of whom are highly experienced, and NI certified. But, we have learned that alone is not enough to ensure your overall success. Most systems are much more than just a program. There is almost always hardware of some sort involved. National Instruments is the leader in supplying hardware for data acquisition. They have honored us with a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) agreement. This is a testament to our expertise in gathering requirements, selecting the right hardware, configuring it, and integrating it successfully into an overall solution for our clients.

But, a complete solution goes beyond just programming and hardware. We are complete System Integrators, applying our expertise in just about any engineering or science field that is relevant to the overall system. We consider how the system interacts with the users, and other systems. We find it is important to understand the entire context. We not only strive to deliver a high-quality system, but to help ensure it provides overall success for you. This expanded scope can be applied throughout the process. Starting with helping you calculate the return on investment (ROI), working continuously towards maximizing that. We work with the operators of the system to really understand how it is going to be used, so we can design the best graphical user interface (GUI) to maximize productivity, minimize training, and mitigate mistakes. These are just a couple of examples of our Signature Process.

Our devotion to your overall success, and to delivering the highest quality of products and services, are driven by our core values. And our support doesn't end at delivery. We continue to provide top support through our Signature Service. We want you to be successful and to be thrilled with our service. We want to build a long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship with you. We know we are doing so, because we enjoy such a high rate of repeat engagements. Once our clients experience our Signature Solutions, they keep coming back for more.

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