LabVIEW-Based Semiconductor Solutions

  • LabVIEW precision and high-performance is ideal for the semiconductor industry
  • Silicon Valley is joined by “Silicon Tundra” in hosting the semiconductor industry
  • Our LabVIEW-based systems have proven up to the challenge

Minnesota has a rich computer history, including hosting headquarters and major facilities for CDC, Sperry, Cray, IBM, and others.  Since 1995, as a systems integrator, CSL has successfully developed LabVIEW-based automated systems for most of these firms.  The computer industry is of course heavily based on the semiconductor industry, which has also benefited from our ability to develop and support complex, high-performance systems for automated test, measurement, and control.

We are strategic partners with National Instruments, which has developed powerful systems, specifically tailored to the semiconductor industry.  The fast dynamic of this industry requires the flexibility and power that LabVIEW and CSL can provide.  Let’s have a discussion around your current systems engineering challenges and see what we can do to help.

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