Our Core Values

A crucial part of developing a successful business is having a set of core values to guide the company and the team members making up that business. Communicating these values is key to having them practiced. While many values are essential, focusing on just a few ensures full development and integration throughout all business aspects. They form the foundation upon which to build other worthy values and goals. CSL has three core values:


Carefully select only the best employees

Develop processes to ensure quality in all our deliveries

Consistently aim to exceed client expectations; to “thrill” them


Of employees (through training, delegation, mentoring, and feedback)

Of the company

Social Responsibility

To employees

To clients

To the world

There are synergies in these core values. For example, by consistently delivering quality products and services, we earn repeat and referral business, which leads to growth. By helping our team members grow, we support the business to grow. Being socially responsible to the team is the right thing to do, and it helps ensure everyone stays and helps the company grow. Also, how you treat your team members is positively correlated with how they treat the customers. So, the equitable treatment of team members ensures the fair treatment of customers. By being socially responsible to clients, we earn their trust, again leading to more business.

Furthermore, by hiring the highest-quality people and providing lots of opportunities to grow, they can better deliver quality products and services to the customers. As we increase our focus on biomedical and ecology markets, we make the world a better place through direct positive impact. That is the ultimate social responsibility.

One example of our commitment to sustainability is our 9.32 kw solar energy installation, being used to power our corporate offices. You can see the impact in real-time here.

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