Data Acquisition Case Study

• Custom wire DAQ boxes
• 32 5-pin signals
• 32 Thermocouples
• Very stiff wires
• Box hinged
• Limited space
• Need easy access to cDAQ chassis
• Partial prototype (built by someone else) shown
• Years of experience with wire harnesses complex cabling, etc
• Extensive experience with NI’s cDAQ hardware
• Significant Industrial Engineering Expertise

• Bundles wires in spiral wrap
• Routed so stiff wires are parallel with hinge
• Hinge moves freely
• Minimize stress on wires
• Chassis clipped on din rail for easy removal
• Long runs to allow chassis to be removed for detailed probing
• Wires grouped to approach cDAQ modules from two sides
• Seven boxes built
• On schedule
• Over 1600 wires with zero wiring mistakes
• Customer impressed
• Unanimous approval
• Requested two more sets of boxes for additional systems
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