Automotive Testimonial

“We hired Computer Solutions to develop a control system & data acquisition system using NI product hardware & LabView. The system was integrated into a hydraulic test bench we built to test some complex hydraulic valve assemblies. Steve and his team did a great job for us, working closely with our hydraulic engineers throughout the process. We were never waiting on him, he patiently waited for answers from us sometimes. Needless to say – the system was delivered on time and on budget. His team spent several days on site making sure the integration was working properly, communicating with our transducers (digital & analog), recording and reporting results, and modifying the look and feel of the user interface in real time as we were testing our products. We’re very happy with the outcome.

-Overall – I’d highly recommend Computer Solutions as an integrator of National Instruments hardware & software. Well done and thank you Steve!”

– Paul S., General Branch Manager

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