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We offer consulting services, design, and development of custom, computer-based systems for test, measurement, control, and simulation.

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Over 20 Years of Experience

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Our staff averages nearly 20 years building custom test and measurement systems, mostly with LabVIEW. During that time, we have built a reputation for coming up with creative solutions to challenging problems. Our promise to you is if your challenge is within our scope, we will solve it to your satisfaction. If it's outside the scope of our expertise, we'll do the best to find someone who has the needed expertise.

We have an extensive network of partners and collaborators, whom we can call into larger projects, if needed. In any case, we take full responsibility to ensure we deliver a solution to you with the right balance of quality, schedule, and budget.

Signature Solutions: One of our goals is to make sure our clients receive quality solutions that exceed their expectations, every time. Our Signature Solution encompasses Process, Service, and Systems Integration with our Core Values. We take pride in creating the best solutions for our clients needs and supporting them throughout their service experience.

Computer Solutions is a strong team of engineers and scientists that are passionate about improving the quality, reliability, and safety of our client’s products. We are dedicated to thinking outside the box to find the right solution for each application, unique to each client.


Following four years of developing several test, measurement, and control systems with LabVIEW at 3M and elsewhere, I started Computer Solutions in 1995. Since then, I and my team of engineers developed more than 100 systems for a broad variety of applications and industries.


We deliver quality solutions and go the extra mile for you. But don’t take my word for it, read what others have to say about working with Computer Solutions.

James Rice

“We initially asked CSL to build a control and test system to help us develop our new scientific instrument. I soon realized that they had useful expertise in nearly all aspects of engineering which was put to good use throughout our R&D effort. When I saw the final test and control system I was so impressed that we then incorporated their software as part of our product.”

- James R., Chief Operations Officer, Angstrom Tools Limited

Brian S

“I’m very happy with both projects I had CSL execute. They developed a Macintosh application involving low-level hardware control & file I/O. They also executed a full PC project, involving unpacking equipment, troubleshooting hardware, writing low-level/ high-level code and user interfaces, and installing the completed system on site. The code is very readable so that I can make my own updates if necessary.”

- Brian S., Test Manager

Brian S - copy

“We are very pleased with the increased reliability, throughput, accuracy, and ease of use that your bench redesign afforded us. We definitely intend to use CSL for future projects.”

- Craig L, QA Lead

Jon B.

"We are all very impressed with the CSL staff we have worked with for both their extensive knowledge around biotechnology as well as their work ethic. Thank you for your support and we look forward to both finishing the current project, and hopefully engaging in further work soon."

- Jon B., CEO

Daniel H.

"I recommended a CSL engineer be engaged as a contractor to join our team automating mixed signal ASIC validation using LabVIEW/TestStand. We tried other LabVIEW contractors, but they didn’t have the skills to handle our very challenging requirements. The CSL engineer that joined our team quickly proved himself invaluable to the project becoming the core infrastructure developer. We extended his engagement multiple times. In addition to his role as lead software developer, he provided guidance to other software developers located overseas. The extensive LabVIEW experience and dedication to delivering a quality product was a great asset. He employed creative problem solving in concert with strong engineering discipline to tackle the tough problems. The CSL approach of supplying expertise in all aspects of engineering and science was of additional value. I would highly recommend CSL again for any LabVIEW or TestStand projects."

- Daniel H., Principle Validation Engineer


"We enlisted CSL to design a test system that would test the current version, functions, software, communication pathways, and safety of our developing medical technology.

CSL jumped into an extensive planning session with us and created a plan that addressed our needs as well as pointed out potential problem areas before they became problems. The value added from CSL’s involvement in proved to be very cost-effective.”

- Jeffrey S., Vice President Research and Development, IP Scientific, Inc.

Paul S

"We hired Computer Solutions to develop a control system & data acquisition system using NI product hardware & LabView. The system was integrated into a hydraulic test bench we built to test some complex hydraulic valve assemblies. Steve and his team did a great job for us, working closely with our hydraulic engineers throughout the process. We were never waiting on him, he patiently waited for answers from us sometimes. Needless to say – the system was delivered on time and on budget. His team spent several days on site making sure the integration was working properly, communicating with our transducers (digital & analog), recording and reporting results, and modifying the look and feel of the user interface in real time as we were testing our products. We’re very happy with the outcome.

-Overall - I’d highly recommend Computer Solutions as an integrator of National Instruments hardware & software. Well done and thank you Steve!"

- Paul S., General Branch Manager

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Do You Need a Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD)?

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When to Get Help with Your Data Acquisition and Control Project

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