LabVIEW-Based Automotive Solutions

  • LabVIEW-based systems have been crucial to the automotive industry for decades
  • Solutions that CSL has provided range from hydraulic control to cooling systems
  • The Automotive industry requires a broad range of engineering disciplines

We know the automotive industry is not just cars, and not just in Detroit.  We have successfully developed LabVIEW-based systems for automated test, measurement, and control for numerous companies offering parts and systems for the larger automotive industry.  We have helped test applications ranging from snowmobiles to hydraulics for construction trucks and advanced cooling systems for 18-wheeled vehicles.

We find that our broad mix of engineering and science disciplines, based on a firm foundation of physics, is ideal for this industry. Whether your needs include LabVIEW programming, sensor selection, custom electronics, or hydraulics, we have significant education and experience in all these fields, and have successfully integrated these into solutions for the automotive industry.  Let’s discuss how we can do the same for you.

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