Signature Service

Signature Service

  • 90 Days of Signature Service is included with each project; extendable annually
  • Much more than a warranty program
  • 300% average ROI, and 100% renewal rate

An important part of our process is our Signature Service offering. The first 90 days after delivery of a system is included in the development investment. After that, you have the option to renew it on an annual basis for an additional investment of 10% of the development cost. Our Signature Service is a powerful combination of valuable benefits, including the following:

  1. Diagnosing issues and fixing bugs;
  2. Minor edits and adjustments, as requested;
  3. Specification and quoting of small and medium features and/or enhancements;
  4. Unlimited phone and email support;
  5. Unlimited consultation on other potential projects and suggestions for enhancements;
  6. Discounts on services for projects not fully covered (new projects); and
  7. Priority response on support requests – we respond to Signature Service clients first.

At the end of each year, CSL provides a report itemizing the benefits you have received under the agreement, which provides a powerful justification for renewal. CSL’s Signature Service clients are averaging a 300% ROI, which is why CSL has enjoyed a 100% renewal rate for those clients that participate. Additionally, CSL clients are more satisfied with our solutions, as they call with and receive improvements at no charge.

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