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LabVIEW-Based Academic and Research Solutions

  • LabVIEW is common in research facilities, such as university labs
  • CSL can upgrade a simple tester into a powerful research tool
  • We also do Technology Transfer

All our systems engineers are degreed, many including MS and PhD degrees, so we understand the academic and research environment.  We know first-hand the “quick and dirty” prototype test developed “just to try something out” might have done the job initially, but now you need it to work faster, more reliably, and collect more data.  That’s where CSL can help.  We specialize in building LabVIEW-based systems for automated test, measurement, and control.  We can bring the architectural and design discipline required to take your system to the next level. Our systems engineering, based on a firm foundation of physics, let’s us quickly understand your innovative application.

CSL has been working with academic and research establishments since 1995. As an organization, this has help improve upon or knowledge and processes. But, our expertise goes way beyond the automation system.  We also have experience transforming a proof-of-concept prototype in the lab into a marketable product (Technology Transfer).  Let’s work together to transform your brilliance in the lab into a product with brilliant commercial success.

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