Our Core Values

CSL’s Core Values

  • Quality – Select employees, Signature Process, aim to exceed
  • Growth – Of company and employees
  • Fairness – To employees and clients

Computer Solutions strives for the highest quality in everything we do.  This starts by being extremely selective in who we hire.  This is supplemented by continuous training and mentoring.  We then use a well-developed Signature Process to guide our efforts towards high-quality deliverables.  From there, our Signature Service takes over to ensure continued and increasing client satisfaction.

Thanks in large part to repeat business, we are growing.  Not only is the company growing in size and capabilities, but we encourage and enable our employees to grow as well.

Being fair, both to employees and to our clients is not only the right thing to do, it makes good business sense.  Fairly-treated employees are more likely to stay with the company, avoiding the costs of recruiting and training in replacements.  Fairly-treated clients are more likely to give us repeat business, which saves the expense of finding and qualifying new clients.

Clearly, there are synergies in these core values.  For example, by consistently delivering quality products and services, we earn repeat and referral business, which leads to growth.  By helping our employees grow, we help the business grow.  How you treat your employees is highly correlated with how they treat the customers.  So, by treating the employees fairly, they will treat our customers fairly as well.  By being fair to clients, we earn their trust, again leading to more business.  Furthermore, by hiring the best people, then providing lots of opportunities to grow, they are better able to deliver quality products and services to the customers.

These values have served us well.  That is why we have a stellar employee-retention rate, and an equally-impressive repeat business rate.


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