Computer Solutions Testimonials
We deliver quality solutions and go the extra mile for you.  But don’t take my word for it, read what others have to say about working with Computer Solutions 

.James Rice

“We initially asked CSL to build a control and test system to help us develop oour new scientific instrument.  I soon realized that they had useful expertise in nearly all aspects of engineering which was put to good use throughout our R&D effort.  And when I saw the final test and control system, I was so impressed that we then incorporated their software as part of our product.”

– James Rice, Chief Operations Officer, Angstrom Tools Limited


Jeffrey Sites

“IP Scientific, Inc was developing a phased, multi-level, patient-interface medical technology for the treatment of tenacious diseases.  The system incorporated multiple computer control, display, and storage components.  We enlisted CSL to design a test system that would test the current version, component functions, software interfaces, communication pathways, and safety components (both hardware and software).  CSL’s engineers jumped right into an extensive planning session with us an our design consultants to gain a full understanding of the project.  Not only did they put together a plan that addressed our perceived needs, then even pointed out some potential problem areas before they became real problems.  The value added from CSL’s involvement in this project proved more than cost-effective.”

– Jeffrey Sites, Vice President Research and Development, IP Scientific, Inc.


Brian Sorenson

“I have been very happy with both projects I had CSL execute.  One was to develop a Macintosh application involving low-level hardware contorl and file I/O. The other was a full-fledged PC project, taking care of everything from unpakcing the equipment, troubleshooting the hardware, writing the low-level and high-level code and user interfaces, to installing the completed system at the customer site.  And the code is very readable so that I can make my own updates if necessary.  Two thumbs up for CSL!”

– Brian Sorenson, Senior Engineer, Diametrics Medical