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Our Consulting Services We offer consulting services, design, and development of custom, computer-based systems for test, measurement, control, and simulation.  This can be done on an hourly basis, fixed-price project basis, or a creative combination of the two.  We keep our operation very compact.  That means we can be more flexible in cost, hours, schedule, scope, and application than most other firms.  We also have low overhead, so you pay mostly for just our direct value-added, and little for corporate administration.  We prefer to work in a collaborative fashion with you, to help ensure the finished result is what you want and need.  However, we can work completely independently and off-site, or anything in between that is your preference. Our staff averages nearly 20 years building custom test and measurement system, mostly with LabVIEW.  During that time, we have built a reputation for coming up with creative solutions to challenging problems.  Our promise to you is if your challenge is within our scope, we will solve it to your satisfaction.  If it is outside the scope of our expertise, We will do my best to find someone who has the needed expertise. We have an extensive network of partners and collaborators, whom we can call into larger projects, if needed.  In any case, we take full responsibility to ensure we deliver a solution to you with a the right balance of quality, schedule, and budget.

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LabVIEW Consulting & Development
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