Welcome to Computer Solutions Limited

homeI do not know if we can help you…More importantly, you do not know, but if you have any of the following challenges, we should talk:

  • Need a custom system to automate testing of your device?
  • Want a LabVIEW expert to develop or support some code?
  • Using National Instruments hardware, but need assistance?
  • Looking for an experienced, knowledgeable test system consultant in Minnesota?
  • Need assistance developing an embedded system?  Can you use a Linux expert?


With 20 years experience helping organization large and small with LabVIEW programming and custom test development there is not much Labview can do that we can’t help you with.  National Instruments has recognized our value by partnering with us.  Now, we have expanded our offerings to include embedded systems development and support.  We have experts to do everything from selecting a microprocessor, to prototyping the entire board, to customizing the OS and developing the software.

The first step of any successful project is finding out whether we can meet your needs and if we are a good match for your organization.  The quickest way for that to happen is to have a conversation.  We’d like to find out more about your current needs while letting you know more about us.

Maybe you have a quick question and that’s fine.  We like answering questions.  Perhaps you are not sure what you need.  Let’s discuss it we can figure it out together.  If it is something we can provide, we will do our best.  If not, we will try to give you some ideas of where to find what you need.  We do not expect you to trust your important project to strangers, so get to know us first.

Just call the number at the top of the page, or fill out the form to contact us and let’s get started.