Linux System Programming Consultants

Our Linux system programming consultants focus on projects that require changes, additions and edits to be made to the Linux system. If you need changes to an existing Linux kernel to support hardware and software, or if you are planning on using embedded Linux, Computer Solutions’ experienced Linux System and Kernel Developers have the knowledge and expertise to provide engineering directors, technical manager and their teams with everything from support and advice, all the way to project planning and implementation.

Computer Solutions Linux system programmers have years of experience preforming architectural analysis and design at the system level. In addition to being experts at defining, interpreting and developing custom device drivers and system level software they professionally coordinate and communicate with you, your internal team and even your customers to support the development efforts.

From device drivers and other product-related Linux system programming to Linux system and kernel changes to support your teams’ software, our typical Linux consulting projects range from  unbiased advice, project rescues, design and spec review, code and security review, up to complete project planning, specification and development.

As independent Linux system programming consultants we have no business involvement with any specific flavor of Linux or set of development tools. Rest assured that the advice we provide and the tools, types of Linux, techniques and methodologies we recommend will have only the best interests for you, your project and internal team in mind.

Whatever stage your project is at, speaking with one of our Linux system programmers can provide the edge that will make your project a success. Contact us today.

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