Embedded Systems Programming and Engineering Consultants

Computer Solutions provides embedded systems programming and engineering. We provide platform and tool agnostic advice to directors of engineering, technical managers and their staffs. Our experienced senior embedded systems engineers can fit in where needed from advice and support, to full project engineering and management.

Among the keys to successful embedded systems projects are hardware and software partitioning, processor selection, Real Time Operating System (RTOS) selection, developer tool selection and the development process chosen. Our embedded systems programming and engineering consultants will help you make time-saving, top-quality decisions about each of these areas.

These all can be important initial decisions that are sure to have lasting impact on the success of your project. Every engagement with one of our embedded systems engineers will repeatedly pay for itself.

Typically the embedded systems programming and engineering projects we work on fall into the categories of project rescues, unbiased advice, code and/or security reviews, design and specification reviews, or complete architectural planning and implementation.

We are independent embedded systems programming and engineering consultants with no business involvement with any real-time operating system, brand of processor, debugger, compiler or specific best practice. We work with a range of tools and methodologies internally. You can be sure that our advice and recommendations will best benefit you, your engineering staff and project.

By some estimates as many as one in four embedded systems product design efforts fails. Make sure your project succeeds, contact us today.

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